Strip Mall Painting Services

Nothing tells a shopper to “walk on by” more than a poorly maintained exterior. Mall store, strip center or free standing building, an inviting exterior says a lot about what is going on inside. Enhancing the look of your strip mall can create more value, appeal more to the consumer, and brand your company. Many building owners are surprised that they can achieve this by simply painting their shopping center. Although the total return on investment from painting is not always easy to calculate, it is without question one of the best investment returns a building owner can make for oneself and their tenants.

When it comes to commercial properties, most owners prefer using the same contractor for all of the projects needed for the building, this to them reduces stress and money. However, using the same contractor for every job can lead to poor quality, lack of work ethic, and the no new and fresh ideas. Hiring a professional painting company to paint your strip mall can be vital to your company’s success.

We understand that when any major changes are being made to a company it can slow business down. We are careful to make sure that painting the strip mall is fast, convenient as possible for the clients, and without problem. If the project takes more than a day to complete, at the end of each day we will clean up thoroughly, ensuring that the shopping mall is presentable until work resumes.

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of strip mall painting. We’ll meet with your facility management team to draw up a cleaning, painting, and/or maintenance schedule that fully meets your requirements in terms of the final results, how we’ll communicate progress, and how we’ll complete your project on time and on budget. You can rest easy knowing that we are highly qualified, experienced and financially stable.