Medical Facilities

Residents, patients, medical personnel and administrators will immediately recognize that our methods and experience truly make us a  better hospital painting company. We have a nationwide network of professional and experienced commercial painters ready to help your medical facility with your painting needs.

We plan our hospital painting projects in an effort to minimize or eliminate the inconveniences to your daily operations. We are in tune with the safety and security requirements of your facility for both the patients and the staff.

We pay extra attention to being clean and we can provide paints and coatings with the lowest possible VOCs and odor. We have the option to apply environmentally safe, green products that do not affect building occupants and which may qualify your facility to earn LEED points, as well.  Our experienced hospital painters are carefully trained to work around sensitive medical equipment, cover all surfaces requiring protection, and work in clean uniforms each day, with shoe covers when working inside.

We have experience painting numerous sensitive healthcare settings including:

  • assisted living facilities
  • critical care
  • emergency wards
  • psych facilities
  • Alzheimer’s units
  • standard doctors offices

Solutions to Meet Healthcare and Hospital Painting Requirements

  1. Full interior and exterior painting, including hallways and entryways – for all kinds of multi-unit facilities and single-unit village condos
  2. Pre-paint cleaning, repair, maintenance, refurbishment or replacement – along with thorough surface preparation
  3. Surface prep of ceilings, ductwork and other fixtures prior to painting
  4. Industrial strength coatings for floors and other structural elements requiring specialized,heavy-duty, extra-sanitary protection
  5. Routine painting and maintenance programs, conveniently scheduled to minimize disruption
  6. Plaster, drywall and wood repair – interior and exterior
  7. Wall paper removal and reinstallationBe sure to ask about our warranty for paints, coatings and application.

We have the professionalism, experience, and competitive pricing to meet the budget for your hospital painting needs. Call us today and we will provide you with a free no obligation estimate.